At ONCEPT, we believe in the freedom that comes with owning fewer, better things. When we produce less, own less, consume less, we create space for the important things, like living well every day. Our conscious design focuses on flexible forms, versatile details and material integrity. The result is an edit of shoes that not only reflects the future but propels you toward it.

To inspire generations to live with less to live more free.



To create seasonal edits of elevated essentials that fit incredibly well—each piece pared down to distinctive and versatile simplicity that is effortlessly fresh.


She has chosen to live with more intention and in doing so, she no longer accepts having to compromise on style, fit, comfort or versatility

The Edit

The days of fast fashion lie behind us which is why each season we offer a highly curated edit of just five styles. Made with consciously chosen vendors, suppliers and components. Our shoes are crafted with integrity toward our planet.





Founded in NYC and launching in 2021, Megan & Nick had a vision to create wardrobe staples with an incomparable fit that could simplify life.  Having been friends, coworkers and a shared experience of over 40 years of footwear design-they have now partnered to create ONCEPT, with a new vision of the perfect EDIT.  Offering just five styles each season, thoughtful production and attention to detail the new collection is a model for the future of fashion.  ONCEPT is also a testimony to pair down, focus on better things and simplify life in a new emerging world. 

What People Say



Principles are the foundation of ONCEPT and we use these to guide our choices in all we do.  When preparing a new collection we focus on minimal prototyping, limited sample lots and have achieved a 100% production hit ratio.  In creating timeless styles with quality craftsmanship we can ensure our shoes will last far beyond one season.   As a new company it is natural that our carbon footprint is low but we are committed to keeping it that way!  Join us on our journey to always improve and do better.

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